Rotary RX85B

TRA CHANG - Properties
Propulsion System Gear Box Gear Type Straight bevel gear
Gear Ratio 1.46:1
Chain Box Side chain drive
Dimension Width x Length x height 1,000 x 700 x 960 mm
Weight  155 kg
Width of Plowing Area  795 mm
Blade Type  L and C shape
Number of Blade Left 12 blades
  Right 12 blades
Rotation Speed (blade shaft/PTO shaft)  184/540 rpm
Recommended application  Plowing and weeding in sugar cane furrows
Specially-hardened blades, imported from Spain, are lightweight but strong and durable, delivering fine soil pulverization. The width of rotary is 80 cm, so the tractor can perform maintenance in sugar cane furrows efficiently. RX85B is specially designed to work with Tra Chang sugar cane protection guard SG246 effectively.

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