Special Dozer SD130

TRA CHANG - Properties
Blade Size (W) 1,300 x (L) 400 mm
Distance from ground to blade edge (when lifted to highest position) 400 mm
Height of undercarriage (from ground to blade mechanism) 300 mm
Time taken to remove the blade set from the tractor 5 mm*
Time taken to assemble the blade set to the tractor 5 mm*
Blade position control system Two-way hydraulic system
Hydraulic cylinders (inner diameter x stroke) 25 x 380 mm
Weight 260 kg
The blade shaft is designed to increase space under the chassis for efficient maneuverability. Large blades are capable of shoving 245 kg of soil. SD130 is equipped with high-speed hydraulic cylinders, capable of lifting and lowering the blade in just 1.2 and 0.9 seconds respectively. SD130 is specially designed to fit and work with Tra Chang sugar cane protection guard SG246 effectively.

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